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With the Olympic monster only two weks away, I'm just looking over a Greenpeace bulletin dated Spring '99 and check this out: instead of green alternatives, ozone depleting HCFCs will be used to cool the International Aquatic Centre, State Hockey Centre & Rail Stations while other greenhouse contributors will be involved in the air conditioning of the Althletes Village Food Hall and various other sporting centres around Sydney. This info came from a document obtained by Greenpeace under the Freedom Of Information Act. It seems the Olympic Coordination Authority actively chose to use damaging refrigerants and when Greenpeace took the case to court, the OCA kept their side going until it was too expensive for Greenpeace to justify. Typical. What the hell is wrong with these people? Didn't we already discover a hole in the ozone layer the fucking size of Australia that's probably getting bigger? Wake up, ya morons.
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