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With all the hype surrounding the new Sex Pistols documentary, we here at A&GT thought that we'd turn the camera on one of the unsung heroes of punk.......


Rotten and Vicious had the attitude, McLaren had the ideas, Westwood had the look but Reid's artwork "came to symbolize the hopes and outrage of a generation."

We thought we'd regurgitate it one more time.




"Revulsion was the authorized social response to Jamie Reid's graphics for the Sex Pistols. The most potent visable manifestation of disquiet during the 1977 Royal Jubilee celebrations was a photograph of the Queen - defaced by blackmail-style lettering and a safety pin through the lip - reproduced on the posters, ads and sleeves for The Sex Pistols single 'God Save The Queen'.

Using agitprop style he had perfected years earlier in the suburban resistance, Reid was speaking to and for a generation which responded to the Sex Pistols' cry by making it the top-selling record in Jubilee week. Banning it from the airwaves only confirmed that here was another Britain, one whose existance was too uncomfortable to be acknowledged."

- Kasper de Graaf


These images were taken from the book 'Up They Rise - The Incomplete Works Of Jamie Reid' (Faber And Faber Ltd - 1987). We don't want to piss anybody off, we are not making any money off of this so please don't sue us!