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by Binzi

Hordern Pavilion 24/11

Goddamn it. I arrived at the Hordern late (or so I found out) and had missed Frenzal. Doh! (beating fist against the wall). So shoot me for thinking the the punk rock show of the year would start somewhere around the usual pub time. Oh well... anyway, I'm sure Game Over and the 'Rhomb rocked the house. Check the exclusive Goodtimes shots of Jay and Lindsay with the new Frenzal-Mobile. Go Frenzal Go!

And what's with this Murphy's Law thing where bands only use the good lights after the photographers have left the pit?

I wont name anyone but our job becomes so much harder on top of having to worry about getting kicked in the back of the head. I don't know why I'm bitching about occupational hazards...

It's Jim, it's Pennywise. A word from the 'Wise. That's fucking certainly what it was.

With the ambos on standby Jim launched into a seemingly endless string of PW anthems, bringing out the angst in the sea of kids dancing and thrashing their fists in the air.

Opening with the self titled Pennywise, notable mentions include Unknown Road, Stand By Me, Men At Work's Land Down Under, Nirvana's Territorial Pissings and the all time favourite closer, Bro Hymn, complete with two dozen kids on stage, glam rock lighting, stagediving - the works...

The St Johns Ambulance guys were kept well busy as the 'Wise gave it to Sydney in a way some of the punters there obviously couldn't find words for... and many bleeding heads and twisted ankles later... some kid even came up to show me the broken nose he was sporting saying "Check this out man!"

PW hit with this tour as they always do, fast & hard... and just ask the guy with the broken nose, he'll say it was damn worth it...

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