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The day is drawing close.....

At the time of posting this, there is less than two months to go until the Sydney Olympic Game. If you live in Sydney then you better make sure you are prepared......

Sydney - Police State

Many people who live and work in Sydney remain unaware of the changes in laws that ARE ALREADY IN EFFECT!

For example, in certain areas Police and security officers (some of them with less training than your average night-club bouncer) can use force to remove you without even having to ask you to leave.

We should all be aware of these laws!

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copyright 2000 Nick Bleasel


The Aboriginal Tent Embassy

The South Sydney Council has handed down a letter stating that the Tent Embassy in Victoria Park "...must be vacated within one week of the Olympics." What sort of message does this suggest? That Aboriginal Australians are an embarassment to the government?

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Nick Bleasel is an artist living in Sydney who has been producing Olympic cartoons and posters since 1994. His now famous "Keep Taking Your Medication" poster has, as Nick puts it "taken on a life of it's own." The cartoon has come to symbolise the sense of dread that many Sydneysiders feel in the build up to the Olympics.


Protest 2000

A march has been organised on Sept. 15th from Homebush Bay Bicentenary Park to the nearby Olympics site and the Opening Ceremony. (should be interesting considering that mass congregations are illegal under the new Olympic laws!)

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copyright 1999 Nick Bleasel

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