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It's a good night for football in the States, but a Monday night gig @ The Hordern gives you the false concept that you have two days to get trashed before you show your face @ work again... ah, it's all too strange.

An all ages event, girlies dressed to the nines, pigtails, coloured hair, there was no doubt who they were here to see - (yes, it's a BAD joke).

Area 7 were cool, as always, but sorry - no photos coz the lighting sucked. But even in the dark you've gotta love those bitter + twisted rantings (BJ #2). Heard some funny shit about Green Day when I was talking with Stevo later - like Tre trying to steal a Coke machine + all their equipment ending up in the harbour after the Goat Island gig...

Anyway, on to No Doubt, coz the punters were there to see Gwen. Don't she know how to put on a show? They pulled the crowd immediately with the ExGirlfriend intro then laid on an hour plus of No Doubt brand psychadelic metamorphic punk pop.

All in all, Gwen rocks. They were there to impress + they certainly did that. And after the weekend I spent @ Fox shooting the PCM festival, ND's shit hot lightshow was an absolute godsend.

For your viewing pleasure, Goodtimes presents:


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