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by Stacey-Lee Gale

RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane
Sat 21st Oct 2000

Hey Livid this year was pretty good. The line to enter the grounds was a mile long but did not take long to wait, like every over 18 person who goes to a festival first stop was BEER TICKETS, which took forever with a crowd of people trying to form two lines which was supervised by a big perverted security guard. After what seemed like forever we finally stocked up with a few beers and drinks and headed down to the main arena.

28 days ripped shit up and Millencolin were pretty good, playing some of their older tunes compared to the soppy new ones they have released.

No Doubt and Green Day I do not remember much of as by then i had made alot of trips to the beer tent but apparently it went off.

I spent alot of my time in the Loud Mouth stage watching the skating talent and listening to punk music. Rollerball and Sunk Loto was amping music and seemed to give the skaters a bit of an edge to skate too.

At about 5 pm I remembered that the Grinners were already playing so it was a mad dash to the main arena and got to see the last 15 mins of them, (though 15 mins was better than nothing) - then came No doubt and then the Living end which i only saw for like 5 mins as the best band on the whole line up was about to start in 10 mins, as leaving the main arena ran into some interesting people all from Mackay apparently (if my memory serves me correctly) one guy trying to tune me and one of my friends, he told us he's "blind as a chook" friend would strip if we asked him to, i took one look at his friend and said " Nah, I'll be right" but the guy yelled to his mate and his mate began to strip for the time "tubby" had got down to his underwear there was a huge circle around him cheering him on, he kicked his underwear off and began doing a "naked man dance" with his small package jumping in the wind and his stomach wobbling, my friend and myself along with his mate were all in hysterical fits of laughter, "Thank you so much for that" i yelled to him and told his mate cheers and said I would catch them later as i had to go catch the best band, by then I ran to The loudmouth stage just in time to see GUTTERMOUTH take the stage and Mark get up to his usual antics. Not game enough to go in the mosh, I was content to stand back and have our own little moshing session with my friend and some great guys we met when we got in there, (If i could remember this guys name, i would plug his band that he is in, that are playing this Saturday night somewhere in Brisbane)It was my highlight of my day, seeing Guttermouth and of course consuming some more alcoholic beverages, after Guttermouth went and got something to eat as I was pissed by then, there was so much to eat and i think i tried nearly everything but I would have to give my 2 thumbs up to the people who made those filth arse pancakes with ice cream and syrup, (although I should have stopped at 1 helping not gone the 2nd as it made me a bit ill, if you know that beer and icecream do not mix too well, lol) But I still went on watching Unwritten Law, sexy Scott from UL going off but it was not enough to keep me awake as the alcohol took a bit too much over me and I fell asleep the last 10 mins (like a good little drunk does sometimes) and then got woken up by friends and that was really the end of Livid for another year, it was not my best year of Livid, but it certainly was good and full of heaps of laughs and great bands, and excellent people, (esspecially naked man), after UL finished it was up and out of the showgrounds wave good bye till next year and head into the valley for the rest of the night and continue to drink some more..........

That was my version of Livid, a bit of a drunken one, but a fucking fun one.............