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Interview with Mark & Scott
from Guttermouth - 2/8/97

Those nasty Calfornians Guttermouth hit the Manning Bar on August 2nd, and wow, what a show that was. Preluded by Gilgamesh and Mindsnare, Guttermouth proved to be everything that & GT expected. Taking photos (or trying to) was an adventure in itself. There were as many people on stage as there were in the pit. Anyway, we scored an interview with Scott & Mark so here it is. Enjoy.

: What did you think of the show?

Scott: It was really... good.

Mark: It was a dandy.

: It was pretty wild, I had a hard time taking photos...

Mark: Anarchy is the word.

Scott: No, I thought grease was the word... nevermind...

: Did you hear Gilgamesh play?

Mark: Uhh... no... I was out getting loaded... I heard they were really good, though.

Mark Adkins

: So, how's your tour so far?

Scott: Excellent!

Mark: Yeah... really good.

: So what bands have you played with on this tour?

Mark: Mindsnare, Mindsnare (Mark goes off into his own little world saying Mindsnare over and over again...)

: So... have you listened to much Oz punk?

Mark: Not really. I don't listen to much music at all.

: Why not?

Scott: Too busy.

Mark: Because... I'm sick of everything. Yeah. All the punk today is so watered down and it all sounds the same... We're all so happy, we're all so gay (starts singing)

* a short pause while we wait for Mark to calm down *

: So, besides Guttermouth, what else do you get up to, like work, or what?

Mark: I work at Hungry Jacks.

: Really?

Mark: Yes. I have just been promoted to drive thru... which I haven't seen here yet.

: No, there are no drive thru HJ's here yet.

Mark: I'm working my way up to a manager's position in the HJ's corporation... I know it's corporate, but (laughs) who cares.

: What are your hobbies?

Scott: I like hang-gliding and skydiving.

Mark: I build scale model ships(!), the USS Constitution, which has just been refurbished and commissioned again and is the oldest warship in the US Navy right now and I just built a scale model of it, it took me a fucking long time...

: Jamie's Petting Zoo... Are you really mean to animals?

Scott Sheldon

Mark: Yes. Animals are at the bottom of the food chain thankyou and they should be slaughtered and devoured... but did you know that cows are real smart?

: What?!

Mark: Oh yeah. We should try and protect them because they would do the world so much good if they were all protected, don't you think? (at this point everyone listening pissed themselves laughing.)

: Okay... where was the best show you've played?

Mark: This one... oh, you mean in Australia or anywhere?

: Anywhere. Ever.

Scott: I think it was Hawaii. It was really cool coz there were about a billion people there and it was super hot and dust was flying everywhere, they had this big water cannon... I told them to shoot the cannon over into the moshpit as you call it... everyone was messing around in the rain and sliding in the mud...

Mark: and they had donkey rides! You could ride up to the top of the mountain and watch the shows... it was a little pricy to get up the mountain, but it was still cool, we got to do it for free coz we were in the band.

: What would you say is your worst show?

Mark: The very worst one, probably that one we're going to do next week.

: Where abouts?

Mark: We have to play at like eight in the morning on some tv show, what's it called?

: Recovery?

Mark: Yeah. (laughs) So everybody tune in and watch it. (we heard it was bad, like the audience didn't even face the stage - Ed)

The Guttermouth Crowd

: How did you form Guttermouth originally?

Mark: Want Ads. Just like, I wrote a total bullshit thing, accredited, accomplished singer seeks band for anarchist, vegan music, all these guys answered and we started our own vegan reich. (Scott tries to regain his composure after a laughing fit)

: Okay, do you like all ages or 18+ crowds better?

Mark: I like the pissed drunk 18+ crowd better.

: They go off more than the kids?

Mark: Yeah, even moreso.

: Yeah, I saw Blink 182 do a 18+ show at Coyotes in Caringbah...

Mark: Who? Are they popular?

: Blink? Not at all.

Scott: Are they from Australia?

Mark: Next question...

: Okay, last one. Do you have a funny story for us from the adventures of Guttermouth?

Mark: Not really, (laughs) Not yet...

Anyway, they had stuff to do and were due to play again a couple of hours after this interview so we thanked Mark and Scott for their time and got out of there faces.