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Dirty punk rockers Frenzal Rhomb had put the word out that they would be appearing at HUM Records on King Street, Newtown, to sign copies of their brand new single, "War". What they neglected to mention was that they intended to play short set to blast any wax out of the ears of Saturday afternoon shoppers! Word got out and a crowd amassed. Frenzal didn't let 'em down. They played six songs in all, a combination of some new stuff and some old faves. They were Genius, My City Of Sydney, Coming Home, Homos, War, and Get Fucked You Fucking Fuckwit... (which

somehow included a verse of Happy Birthday for Jays' sister, Fiona). The guys then hung around for another hour or so, chatting and signing whatever was put in front of them, with Gordy and Lindsay offering each other tips on etiquette and personal hygene the whole time - it's just the sorta guys they are.

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