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by Binzi

The Iron Duke Hotel

Well, it's official. As of 10/12/2000 another musical era has come to a close... that's rightcampers, The Iron Duke Hotel in Alexandria, Sydney has reportedly closed "for renovations" for at least 3 months.

We did try to get the full story from the Duke's management but nobody bothered calling us back...

What the hell is the story? I accept that venues are businesses and as such will come and go but in the last couple of years the local music scene in Sydney has been somewhat decimated by the closure of an increasing list of venues. And the reason? Tim Freedman of The Whitlams said it best with his song aptly titled Blow Up The Pokies... Yes, the infamous pokie demon - and it's becoming a very sad state of affairs. We lost Feedback in '97, The Sando @ Newtown mutated into a poker monster, the Globe was closed due to noise restrictions and everyone knows the Annandale saga - You Am I played the last gig there - it even made the TV news!

So what now for the Duke? What exactly does "closed for renovations" mean? Ripping the stage out & filling the place with cardies? I fucken hope not... I guess all we can do now is wait and see what happens.

Yes, I'm ranting now, I know. It's just Sarin & I dig our live music and we were somewhat upset when we received the email telling us the Duke was closing. And it must be the anarchist in me that cries foul when a good thing goes down because someone decides it's not financially viable... why is it that money ultimately screws everything up?

Unfortunately the circle will continue. Other venues will close & new ones will open... but the Duke was one of my faves.

So we threw together this feature of some of the bands we've photographed @ the Duke. Call it a tribute I suppose, it's our way of saying goodbye to one of Sydneys best venues...

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