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Interview with Cameron Baines
from Bodyjar - 6/9/97

Melbourne punk harmonists Bodyjar visited Sydney Uni's Manning Bar on Saturday 6/9/97, and after having waited many long months for one of our fave bands to play somewhere local, & GT was there with bells on. If this was a review of the gig, now we'd go on to say how both The Living End and Bodyjar played really fucken well. But it's not a review. It's an interview we scored with BJ's vocal/axeman Cameron Baines. so enjoy...

: So you've been to Canada recently, tell us about it.

Cam: It was really cool, we got to uh, well we went over & did this snowjam tour , and it was with Good Riddance, Satanic Surfers, NFaa, SNFU, it was kinda like this travelling festival thing, that was like trying to tie in snowboarding and all that shit & then we did our own tour with this all girl band from Vancouver called Ten Days Late, we did heaps of shows with them, we got along with them really well, they were really cool, and we just had an excellent time, when that was all over we went back to Montreal and recorded our album.

: So the tour is called the Nervous Wreckage, are you a bit of a nervous wreck? Tell us about this tour.

Cam: So far we've played 6 dates and we've got like 20 to go, so yeah, I guess we're gonna be pretty fucked after that.

: What would you say was your best o/s show?

Cam: Err.. we did a few headlining shows in this place called Saskatoon right in the middle of Canada, it was just this little pub & heaps of people turned up and knew the songs and stuff, it was just amazing that all these people knew our shit, in one place.

Cameron Baines

: So you're fairly popular o/s now?

Cam: I don't know, it's pretty dodgie, like we haven't sold many records over there but we can play and pretty much get a bit of a crowd, you know in some places, it just depends where, you know, it's all fucked up. We can go over there and who knows, and just play in little pubs, get a few hundered people and another couple of bands there...

: So tell us about this new album..

Cam: Yeah, it's all finished, well, it's still got the finishing touches, but yeah, it's coming out in January, end of January.

: So, your plans for the immediate future? Twenty or so more dates on this tour and then what?

Cam: Then we go back and get our shit together and try to think of a name for the album & do the artwork & shit which always takes fucken forever, then we've got this Warped thing in January and then we'll do our own tour.

: So at the moment Bodyjar would like your full time job, so to speak?

Cam: Yeah, at the moment it is really hard, because I'm doing the band too much to keep a job, coz they don't keep you on if you fuck off every week and you can't really go on the dole either because technically you're doing a job and earning money even though you aren't getting any. It's fucked. I don't know, what was the question?

: Anyway, besides the band, what outside interests do you have?

Cam: Oh, I don't know, like dwarf-throwing, human pyramids, naked Twister, that sort of thing (ha ha Cam) you know, a bit of skateboarding and snowboarding.

: Where is your favourite skating spot?

Cam: In Oz? Have you ever been to Dickie's Beach? In Brisbane? It's fucken awesome... there's this awesome little concrete park... I just like little things, like mini ramps, shit like that, don't skate vert or anything.

Grant Relf

: Tel us about the composition of your songs and how you maintain such an original sound...

Cam: Well, our songs are written by everyone in the band, and if someone doesn't like something we get rid of it. I guess mostly me and Relfo write the songs and Ben writes a couple, the lyrics are usually all mine and the music is usually all Relf's. We just sit in our rooms and muck around with riffs, then take it to the band and try to put together songs, you know, it's a pretty long process.

: So you have jam sessions/parties at someone's house and play for all your friends...

Cam: Yeah, though we haven't done it for a while, but we used to, I used to say to Ben or Ralf come around, have a few bongs, have a few beers and we'd try to sort some things out, but it would end up just like that. We'd have too many beers and we'd be fucked. But that's a good way to do it, because you don't have the distraction of everyone else waiting for you to work it out, you can sort your own shit out then bring it to the jam.

: How long have you been together?

Cam: With this line up? 3 years. We were called Helium before Bodyjar, that was pretty much the same thing, but Ben used to do all the singing and we had a different drummer. Ross was in this band called Swamprats, they kinda sounded like The Hard Ons, they did a cover of Mrs. Robinson. They were a really good band. He was also with Bastard Squad when he was 14, so he's been playing for fucken ages. All of us just went to school together, me, Ben and Ralf.

: That was our last question. Thanks heaps, Cam...